Let's go and live in France.

The plan was always a bit ambitious:    Leave my job in the UK on Friday, the removers come in to pack the house on Monday and Tuesday and then the completion of the house sale on Wednesday morning followed by catching the afternoon ferry to France!     An overnight stay in Le Havre would be followed by a 12 hour leisurely drive to Lot et Garonne where our rented, self catering holiday cottage awaited us -    There was the slight snag that we had only rented it for a fortnight but hey………..

During the last weeks of June the final preparations were actually coming together fairly well.    Hotel and ferry bookings actually proved to be cheaper than had been estimated and the removal company assured me they could get us out in one day rather than the two we had planned - albeit with an early start. I stuck to them coming on the Monday and planned how to use the free day on Tuesday.

The farewell parties came along and we were both overwhelmed by the number of friends who turned out to wish us a "bon voyage" with some people travelling hundreds of miles to say their farewell.    These were very emotional times and the send offs were great.     My last day at work spun around before we could blink and a last drink in the office went on well into the evening.     I left with just a hint of disbelief that I had voluntarily thrown myself out of work and certain in the knowledge that there would be no pay check at the end of July!

The weekend passed in a haze of packing, visitors, more packing, more visitors until, early Monday morning when the removal van arrived as planned and started to load our life aboard.     Everything was going into storage for about three weeks whilst we found a temporary place in France.    There was a small pile of boxes, suitcases etc destined to travel with us - just the essentials.....or so I was constantly told.    Particularly as the pile grew, and grew, and grew.
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By Monday evening the removers were about halfway through loading..... so an impromptu meeting was called and it was decided that they would continue on Tuesday!!!!    They could unload into the store Monday evening and then be back to carry on loading first thing Tuesday morning.

Tuesday arrived but no furniture van. Several telephone calls later and we had established that they were still unloading and would be with us by about 10.    They arrived just after eleven!     And the loading continued.    Right through Tuesday and well in to the evening.     They finally left at nearly 9 pm and we hadn't eaten yet!

Wednesday morning was simply load the car and trailer and then get off to catch an afternoon ferry.    All the formalities to do with the completion of the house sale had been signed and had been with our solicitors since the middle of the previous week.    
Your source for free clip art without the hassle Needless to say, the pile of "just essentials" by now had grown so large that it wouldn't all go in the car.    In fact, by now we were taking a car, a trailer and a roof box!    Our other car was destined to remain in the UK for the time being, so it suddenly found itself converted to a mobile store!.

After nearly 20 years searching for the right region in France and almost 2 months planning to move out of the home we had owned for 28 years, quite suddenly - We were off.

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